The Founder of the company who had an enlightening vision which came out as an Idea of Fitness Studio, providing all fitness solutions under one roof. Managing all the accounts of the firm, he is the one whose experience of life time shows us the right path to run flawlessly. After retiring from AIR (All India Radio) he has never stopped. His positive thinking & the sense of right advice has allowed us to achieve and perform the best of the skills we have.

A person who sensed the future & started with a couple of fitness certifications first, before launching his first venture of a fitness club in sep 2012, which became a proud first ever gym in the city with certified training services. He is the first individual in Jodhpur who is a passed out from renowned k11 fitness academy (Mumbai). His vision has always been full of knowledge and professionalism, he believes every person working in this industry should be qualified and then he will be able to give away proper and right results to the client which will in turn raise the customer satisfaction theory.

She is the one who has given FS a professional angle to work towards profitability & success. She is the face of the company managing all sort of marketing strategies followed by brand maintenance. Fitness consultant herself, she has a lot of passion towards fitness & always on the first row to talk about living a healthy lifestyle. Through her intendance, Fitness Studio can proudly say that we are the one who has organized this sector of fitness for Jodhpur.

The first ever & one n only certified Sports nutritionist of the city from k11 fitness academy, handling all the FS clients & also available for nutrition consulting at FS office @ Sardarpura, she is the one who opted nutrition as a part of life and loves to educate people on the subject. Diet planning, follow-ups & nutrition seminars are her skills which has given a lot of knowledge to those who have trusted her.