21st century’s recent demand is Fitness & that was very well imagined by us back in 2012 when every other person was busy providing unorganized & professionalism less services with the only motive of profits however we are the proud first service providers in the Jodhpur fitness market which started providing certified & qualified services to the public through our club in September 2012. The urge for increasing the business completed when we inaugurated the first City Showroom of health supplements, equipments & treadmills, on 23rd Nov. 2014 at Sardarpura. Our absolute motive behind our work is to develop trust among the fitness freaks, who are running around in search for a brand who can educate, teach & show them the right direction towards achieving their goals through scientific and knowledge based researches.

Our reality check and four years of experience says there is an utmost need to educate because in our view Jodhpur has not been taught the real meaning of fitness, what we know is “to lose and increase weight is Fitness” however there is much more to it. Team Fitness Studio is committed towards learning & delivering through which our vision is to organize the market & educate every single individual about real fitness.

About Gaurav Bajaj

  • Certified Personal Trainer - K11 Fitness Academy, Mumbai

  • Certified from Physique Elite

The credit for the fitness industry becoming more professional & certified in the recent years in the city can easily be given to the one man who started it all with the scratch. Fitness is considered as a part time recreation for college goers especially for boys to look strong & fit. Taking any supplement from anywhere without any suggestion is very common in the city. Injecting drugs to enhance the hormones without realizing the side effects is often heard. Women are barely a part of gym or supplements. Events/workshops/seminars/knowledge sharing/counseling/Fitness Courses hardly seems to be a part of the Fitness Industry in the city though city is full of fitness brands. To wipe out such superstitions FS came up with scoops & scoops of knowledge clearing all the existing myths. Director- FS (Gaurav Bajaj) came up with the goal of serving the city not just with the fitness services but far beyond that with the shower of real & scientifically proven fitness knowledge. FS feels proud to be a pioneer in showing the real fitness world to the city & always look forward to have the city full of fitness enthusiasts.

Journey Till Date:

After having the scoops & scoops of real fitness knowledge from K11, Gaurav Bajaj one fine day realized, why fitness should just keep in touch with me; why it should not touch the whole city & this simple thought made FS to start its journey in the year of 2012, when he came up with Jodhpur’s first certified & professional gym on Sep. 19th 2012. For him at that point of time, the set goal was to make the people realize the importance of being fit. & that’s how it started. Later, he grabbed a wonderful opportunity to open Jodhpur’s first nutrition & supplement store in the mid of the city. The store was launched on Nov. 24th 2014 followed by a grand event in the presence of Mr. World Sangram Chougule & Bombshell Athlete Deepika Chowhdary along with the great support of City Collector Pritam Yashwant. Gradually FS got connected to lot more supplement brands & that’s how went ahead in the world of fitness.

Fortunately, FS succeeded in covering the untouched market in terms of fitness knowledge followed by a brand success. But there is a saying- it is not good enough to be compassionate; you must act. & to act, our biggest mentor came into the picture- Kaizaad Kapadia (Co-founder, Director- K11 Fitness Academy) He supported us fully just because we were promoting FITNESS with the right guidance & on the top of it what convinced him was that FS wanted to act as if what we do makes a difference & that’s what made us to get associated with him.